Our church library is located on the second floor of the Fellowship
Hall. It shares the space with the church history records as well as a
Sunday school class and a committee meeting room. The book shelves are on
the west side of the room and are arranged according to subject matter.

Look for the labels of these subjects:
     Bibles and reference
     Prayer and meditation
     Christian Living
     Other Religions
     Religious Art and Music
     Video, CDs, and Cassette tapes
     Young Adults

When checking out a book or tape, please fill out a blank card in the
blue file box located on the shelf on the north wall.. Put your name at the
top of the card, List the name of the book and the date below that and
return it to the blue box. When you return the book please record the date
on your card. You may use this card for each book you check out. There is
no time limit to return the books, but usually a month should be sufficient.

We also have a childrenĀ¹s library in the room beside the chapel on the
first floor. If you want to check out any of these books or materials,
please use a similar check out procedure.

The church has received several series of fiction books which are
published by Guideposts which are very popular. Other series which are used
in Sunday school classes and book studies are also available. If you were
unable to attend a study there are manuals and some have CDs with them.

If you would like to make a donation to the library, either the books or
the funds to buy them, please contact Marty Marine. She will be glad to
help you.