Youth Group:  Middle School youth meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays from 6:30 - 8:00.  it might be rowdy run around games and it might be a Bible Study or Bible activity, but it is always a good time and great fellowship!  Friends are encouraged!

Teen Leadership:  Middle Schoolers are encouraged to give back to others and strengthen leadership skills through service to others.  Teens are encouraged to volunteer at our monthly Kids Night Out - Parents Night Off monthly events, serve as teen leaders during our Vacation Bible School, volunteer at our monthly Tuesday Dinner at the Pres, our community outreach program.

Teen Lock In:  Usually held in January on the Friday night of Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend, it's lots of games, fun and running around!  From basketball, All church run around games, to make your own pizzas to 9 Square in the air and no 1st UPC Lock In would be complete without the 2 am game of Hogan's Heroes (you have to be here to understand!)  What a great night.  1st UPC kids bring a friend to double the fun of the night!

Middle School Mission Trip:  Each summer, middle schoolers and their leaders spend a week in age appropriate service to others.  Fundraisers are held during the winter to help offset expenses.  Great fellowship, hard work, and new understandings emerge!

2016:  Logan County - Local Service

2015:  Lexington KY

2014:  Sandusky OH