"Elders are chosen by the People. Together with Ministers Of The Word And Sacrament, They exercise Leadership, Government and Discipline and have Responsibilities for the Life of a particular Church………….Elders should be persons of Faith, Dedication, and Good Judgment. Their manner of life should be a Demonstration of the Christian Gospel, both within the Church and in the World. It is the Duty of Elders, Individually and Jointly, To Strengthen And Nurture The Faith And Life Of The Congregation Committed To Their Charge.......".

The description you have just read is from the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church, (USA). Do you know of someone who embodies the qualities described above? Someone you believe would answer the call and serve as an Elder at First UPC.

Elders at First UPC are Elected for Terms of Three Years or, Occasionally, to Fill an Unexpired Term Of Less Than Three Years. The Session, Made Up of 12 Elders and Moderated by the Pastor, meets once a month. Each Elder is assigned to at least one Ministry Team (Christian Education, Church Growth/Member Care, Worship And Congregational Life, Stewardship And Finance, Mission And Outreach, Or Property) Each Ministry Team also normally meets Once a Month. Elders serve Communion and may be asked to occasionally assist during Worship.



"The Office of Deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of Sympathy, Witness, and Service after the Example of Jesus Christ. Persons of Spiritual Character Honest Repute, of Exemplary Lives, Brotherly and Sisterly Love, Warm Sympathies, and Sound Judgment should be Chosen for this Office."

This is the description of the ministry and gifts of Deacons from the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Do you know someone possessing these qualities?

Deacons at First UPC are Elected for Terms of Three Years Or, occasionally, to Fill an Unexpired Term of Less than Three Years. They Minister to those who are Homebound or in a Nursing Home. They provide Funeral Dinners to ease the Stress on Families during their Time of Mourning. They Serve once a Month at “Last Tuesday Dinner At The Prez”. They Monitor the Elevator entrance before Worship in order to Help Anyone Requiring Assistance to reach the Sanctuary. They Gather and Wash the Communion Cups each time Communion is Served. They send cards and notes to all of us for Happy Occasions and in Times of Pain and Sorrow. Deacons serve after The Example Of Christ!